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A Great Place to Stay!

 Experiences with Locals

 Best Ways of Getting Around

Lots of Extras, Lots of Support, No Herding, Hardly Any Schedules


What’s the Cost?   What’s Included?


starting as low as

$2799  (2 weeks in France)

per person, double occupancy

only $600 single supplement

Included in the package are:

  • A Great Place to Stay: Two weeks accommodation in an excellent apartment (pre-inspected by us)
  • Experiences with Locals:  Being  part of the rich social network  of locals is the secret ingredient that changes this from just travel to a life
    • Two meals with fellow participants and locals; a welcome and farewell dinner in a local restaurant well-reviewed and frequented by locals.
    • Two morning coffees with opportunities to meet  locals
    • Two excursions (of your choice) with locals.  Here’s an example.
  • A Way to Get Around: This option will differ depending on the location.  For example, in France, it’s 2 days Car rental  (yes, just two days…we think the public transportation is excellent and there are just a few places that you do really need a car.  Don’t worry, if you want a car the whole time we can arrange that as well. )
  • Lots of Extras, Lots of Support, No Herding:  We meet you at the airport, bring you to your apartment, give you an extensive orientation, help you get set up with a cellphone, and your local staff persons stays connected and offers ongoing support s for you to explore and sample this life your way.


In some ways, we’re a package and in some ways, we’re the absolute opposite of a package.  We do put our services in a bundle, and we require a longer stay  — 2 weeks minimum and 3 weeks highly recommended.

So that is kind of package-y.


But if a package means  “One size fits all.” we’re the opposite of a package.





You choose the people who interact with.  You choose your excursions.  You choose your apartment and you choose your schedule.  You design exactly the stay  — the life — you want.  Our secret ingredient: a rich connection to a variety of  locals who belong to this place, love it and will  enjoy helping you belong too!


Delve into any of these topics…with a trusted local resident who can help you explore them.



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