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February 2008 - Peterborough, ON - At the 2008 National Conference of Campus Emergency Responders, CUSERT had two teams finish in the top 5 in the patient care competition. One CUSERT team (team Red) with members Maureen McKeague, Danie Reiter, and Matt Henning brought home CUSERT's first ever team medal at the annual competition. In this event, teams from universities across the country are judged in 8 different patient care scenarios, ranging from a school bus accident to a cafeteria food poisoning. This achievement was even more notable because Matt and Danie are in their first year as CUSERT responders. After hosting the competition at Carleton University in 2007, CUSERT looked to make a strong showing, and it certainly paid off. Next year's competition will be held in February 2009, and the team looks forward to repeating their stellar performance.

First Aid Quiz

If someone passes out, what's the first thing you should do?

(a) CPR
(b) Grab his/her shoulders and shake
(c) Call for medical help
(d) Panic